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I have decided to write a blog about a few of my business passions: Social Media and Technology.
My interests comes from my experiences over 51 years as of 2012.
As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to socialize with people and mutually help them to have a happy and productive life.  I was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1961. My dad a professional golfer and my mom, in addition to being a house wife, worked in various positions as a baby sitter, baker's assistant, maid and factory worker. I attended Catholic Church ceremonies each Sunday for over 18 years, and went to a catholic grade school called Sacred Heart in Pawtucket, a Catholic High School in Attleboro, Massachusetts called Bishop Feehan, and a Catholic College called Saint Leo University who's main campus is in Saint Leo, Florida. I attended their campus at Fort Eustis Army Base in Virgina.  With this Catholic background, I received extensive insight into some valuable lessons in the value of being caring and compassionate.  

Experiencing changes in society the 1960's to current day has influenced my perspectives in regards to many things. Among them modern day business, media and technology trends.
I purchased my first computer while in High School back in the 70s and recall the beginning of the public internet. I was in awe to witness the birth of something that would changed the world forever. The World Wide Web.  Seeing early technology such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others take a lead in bringing public awareness to the value of computing really excited me. And has given me something to enjoy for years to come: Learning about technology and how to find uses for it in everyday life.  I served in the US Coast Guard from 1979-1992 and served in various roles. Among some of them were:
A Rescue Team Crewman and Coxswain (rescue boat operator)
A Radarman (tracked vessels and aircraft using radar equipment to provide navigation and tactical information)
A Port Safety and Security School Instructor (taught classes to uscg enlisted, uscg officer and govt. agency reps)
and more.

While in the Coast Guard, I had the opportunity to work in duties as a Computer Assistant Admin. My duties included setting up computers and backing up systems with Unisys Tape Drives. Jokingly speaking: They were fun (0: I would sit there for hours putting one backup tape after another into a system and waiting long periods of time for information to be loaded onto each tape.)  I am sure many of the network admins who visit this blog can relate.  It did teach me about the value of being patient as a computer technician. And helped me to gain a deep respect for the work that has gone into the advances in technology that we have today.

So far, I have written a little about how technology has touched my life and in future blogs will give insight into
* Various Technology Companies that I have worked with.
* Technology education and  professional resources that have helped me to learn and excel in the industry
* And insight into into how social media has touched my life, including resources that have helped me to learn about  
   and benefit from understanding the role of social media in my technological life.

I will make a sincere effort to posts interesting articles that will provide insight into trends, educational resources and tools that I have discovered to excel as a recognized expert in social media, technology and business.

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    Timothy is a Social Networking and IT Channel Sales Consultant who has worked in permanent, contract and consulting roles with an impressive list of companies:
    IBM, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Sharp Electronics, Parametric Technologies, Northeastern University among  several leading companies in the USA.


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